FREE Money!!!

Did I get your attention?

So, this isn’t about ways you can earn hundreds of dollars per day working from home doing something (not sure exactly what) on your computer. I see ads for that regularly, but I’m unconvinced. AND this isn’t about how you, too, can earn enough money to replace your salary, and become independently wealthy, with ‘passive’ income from a thriving MLM business.

It’s not even about affiliate marketing (post stuff on facebook and when your friends click to buy, then you get a cut).

About a year ago I joined It cost me nothing to do so (in fact, they mailed me a $10 gift card for Target). I did so because they claimed that they would send me cheques if I bought stuff online.

“Ebates pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online.”

I was a little dubious, but figured, hey, I might as well give it a shot. Over the next several months, when I was going to buy something online, I checked Ebates to see if they offered cash-back on purchases from that company. As it happens, they DO offer cash-back on purchases from almost every company I ever shop with online. Groupon, Amazon, Ebay, Expedia… Right now, they offer cash-back on purchases from over 1800 different online stores. My first cheque arrived – only $3.35, but they HAD given me cash-back for my purchases.

Since then, I’ve continued to receive cheques every three months. In total, I’ve earned $197.80 in Ebates rebates over the past two or three years. No, I won’t be able to retire on it. But it IS free money.


How does work?

Basically, each of these 1800+ companies have affiliate programs (for them, it’s like a fairly cheap form of advertising). Ebates has joined all these affiliate programs, and gets paid a certain amount by these companies each time someone uses an EBates link to buy something.

From a user viewpoint, if I’m going to buy something from Groupon, I click the Ebates link to go to Groupon, then I buy. To make it even easier, Ebates has a ‘Cash Back Button’ that I can install on my browser, which will show up in the toolbar each time I go to the website of any of these 1800+ companies. I just have to click the button before buying anything.

So – it costs me nothing, I just have to click a button (and, of course, sign up), and I get small rebates for all of my online purchases.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Note: if you sign up for Ebates using my link, then at the same time that they send you your first rebate cheque, they’ll also add about $5 to MY next rebate cheque (referral bonus). And, in the future, if any of your friends sign up for Ebates using YOUR link, then you’ll earn referral bonuses too. Probably for some people the referral bonuses could even add up more quickly than the rebates.

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