Couples & Money


With ninety percent of marriages breaking up because of money problems, it’s no surprise that many couples are in desperate need of help tackling their financial issues.

If you’ve ever watched the television series ‘Til Debt Do Us Part’, then you already know that even the most committed couples can have trouble agreeing how to handle money. One of you is a spender, the other a saver (or, worse, BOTH of you are spenders!) Every time you talk about money, an argument breaks out, so it’s easier to just avoid talking about it. Except that the bills keep coming, and the debt accumulates, and the tension grows…

If this sounds like you, take action now to deal with those money problems. Give me a call to set up an initial free consultation – see if you’d like some help in identifying your shared priorities (life will be so much easier when you’re working together to achieve common goals!) and coming up with financial systems that will enable you to achieve them.

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